How To Make Edible Brownies

0 Comments 24 August 2012

marijuana browniesThe key to making a great edible brownie is all in the cannabutter. As you may know, marijuana as a plant can not be properly absorbed into the body without the aid of a fat. It is for this reason that the standard practice is making a special butter with cannabis matter that serves as the glue for the entire treat. If it weren’t for this cannabutter, it would not be possible to get high from eating marijuana brownies. Even though this process is fairly easy, it is best to leave it to more experienced bakers if you are not sure how to go about it. After you have your cannabis butter made, the fun can really start. Baking edibles is a simple joy that has been around for a very long time.

Making cannabutter is pretty simple when you get right down to it. All you need is a lot of butter in which to cook down your plant matter. The idea is to make it so there aren’t any loose leaves or anything of that nature in the solution, but extra plant won’t hurt the consumer. If anything, it will just get them higher! This butter is the main ingredient in any marijuana edible that you might want to make so it is a good idea to master creating it before moving on to the next steps. Edibles are a great way to still get high without causing damage to one’s lungs. Smoking can be very hazardous to the respiratory system and edibles are a delicious way around that problem.

cannabutter for browniesMarijuana edibles are made in much the same way that regular brownies are, only the cannabutter is different between the two recipes. So after you have your butter ready to go, the recipe is simple to follow. Just pour your brownie batter into a baking tray and you are good to go. After cooking for thirty minutes to an hour on 350 degrees, your pot brownies should be ready for consumption. But eat these things with care as they can be quite potent if enough THC is worked into the cannabutter. After your batch of brownies has cooled off, it’s time to dig in! These brownies are best enjoyed with a friend or two in order to get the full effect of the THC.

edible pot browniesThere are many benefits to eating marijuana edibles over smoking the stuff. For one, the respiratory system can be severely damaged from long term smoking. Edibles cause no harm to one’s body and some claim that the effect is even more drastic than that of smoking the weed itself. Different people have different preferences so not everyone is going to enjoy eating your edibles. But many people will in fact enjoy it more than smoking. Harm to the respiratory system is serious and often irreversible so why put yourself through that pain. If we all enjoyed a few more pot brownies, then consuming weed would not be nearly as bad for us. So try out these edible brownies and see what they can do for you and your friends!

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