How to Grow Weed Indoors

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growing marijuana indoors


These days, growing weed has become an exact science that one can monitor and manipulate with ease. While many still do their growing outside, many more have moved on to a different way of growing weed. With just a few things to get started with like a hydroponic system, fluorescent lighting, and nutrients, you too can have dank weed with just a little practice and effort.

Different Ways to Do It

solution for hydroponicsWhen growing indoors, one could also effectively use the tried and true method of growing in a pot. This method will still produce potent weed if enough care is given to the plant. For this, nutrient rich soil is really the key, along again with fluorescent lighting. As always, growing weed takes time with method as well and one must be patient in order to receive a good yield. When growing from a pot or even from soil at all, some think that their plant will come out better. Soil is definitely more natural than growing a plant produced only by hydroponics, but both of these methods produce quality cannabis.

medium for hydroponicsHydroponic systems give the grower a greater control over their plants’ environments. Some say that the failure of the system will lead to the death of all the plants without soil to keep it alive. But in opposition to this, others are fully on board with the hydroponics idea and let the roots of these plants develop in an environment filled with nutrients. Again, both of these ways have been shown time and time again to produce amazing weeds. It all comes down to the skill of the grower in the end so all you can do is practice until you get your batch just the way you want it. There are many different kinds of hydroponics each with their own advantages and disadvantages that affect the end product which is marijuana.

indoor cannabisNot surprisingly, the biggest debate in the hydroponic community is the medium culture versus the solution culture. This is not an easy debate to solve as different people just have different needs they want fulfilled by this weed. As long as there remains a split in thinking, there will continue to be two main branches of hydroponics. As one would would expect from the names of the two cultures, medium culture focuses on more solid growing materials like rock wool, gravel and sand. But solution culture argues that keeping the roots in a nutrient rich solution is the most effective way to stimulate the plant. If you want great weed, then both of these methods are sure to get you there and it is all up to the grower’s preference.

The Positives of Hydroponics

young hydroponic gardenEveryone loves hydroponics for a few simple reasons. For one, the idea that one can grow a plant with no soil opens up all kinds of new opportunities for people everywhere. This means that plants which are not indigenous to the region can still be grown in that region with this system! Apart from that, the system is circulatory so water costs can be reduced as the water is reused. Another important feature of hydroponics is the fact that it is able to have its nutrients controlled more effectively. As a result, the yields from these plants are very large and stable so there should be no worries of weed shortages. Hydroponic culture has been taking over traditional agriculture for some time now, and the trend continues to grow.

marijuana hydroponicsApart from use with growing marijuana, hydroponics is also famous for feeding the hungry by providing an easy way to grow plants without soil. With this advancement in agricultural technology, there is nothing we can not do anymore. Warm climate plants can grow in cold climates and cold climate plant in warm ones so that no area will be at a shortage of any crop. One can just imagine the opportunities that lie ahead with the further advancement of hydroponic technology. Even though they produce dank buds, this is a special part of hydroponics because it actually means something to the needy. While marijuana is great for us privileged individuals, others would kill just to have a full stomach at the end of the night.

Growing good weed starts just like growing any other plant. What are needed are high quality seeds of a good strain that have good genes. These days, many claim that it is easier to simply grow a clone of a plant as the sprouting and rooting phase is the most difficult one to recreate even when growing from soil. A clone is merely a sliced off part of another plant, professionally sliced of course, that will regrow into a whole new plant with proper care. Cloning is incredibly popular and is only growing in popularity and it is easy to see its merits.

dank marijuanaWith good light and a good hydroponic system or nutrient rich soil, growing good marijuana is rather easy. Just care for your plants as you would like to be cared for and you will not be disappointed. When harvesting your own yields, you have the advantage of greater control over the ultimate outcome of the plant. And no method of growing gives the grower more of that control than hydroponics. While many people prefer more traditional growing methods, increasingly more and more people are begin to appreciate the usefulness of hydroponics. With more and more restrictions on space, this method of growing marijuana is sure to only increase in popularity with time.

It is safe to say that using a hydroponic system is easily one of the most efficient ways to grow marijuana. The roots of the plant are always in contact with the medium or solution and are thus more likely to become stable plants. This is the essential advantage that hydroponics has over other growing methods, but there are many more as well. Some of these include a lack of pesticides, an easier harvest, and the ability to rid the system of pests with ease. With all of these features, it is hard to see why people would use more traditional methods of growing. But it should be noted that for less serious growers, growing with a pot and soil is much more cost effective.

Entire Hydroponic Rooms

room for hydroponicsOne could simply buy an entire growing area in one go these days. There are many kits that have growing space, lighting, hydroponics, and a seal from the outside making them the perfect growing rooms. While they are expensive, it is worth it to purchase everything at once and save the time. At http://howtogrowweed420.com/, you can purchase the most comprehensive guide available on the internet for next to nothing. If you truly want to be a master of growing pot, then this guide is for you. It has everything you could ever want to know about growing marijuana and more so get out there and check out this awesome guide.

Once again, one of the problems that beginning growers often have is their first crop. In fact, the first couple yields of any young grower’s life will not be the best. It is important that you learn from your mistakes so that your next crops turn out better! One’s skills will never improve without lots of practice and this remains true in the world of growing cannabis as well. Especially for beginners, the guide at http://howtogrowweed420.com/ can help to push them over the first few initial hills of growing pot. Just like with anything else, practice is the key so don’t be disappointed with your first couple crops. As long as you have all of the right materials, you really can’t mess it up that bad!

The Hydroponics Method

hydroponics ebb and flowHydroponic systems are usually pretty easy to set up and none more so than the ebb and flow system. This method uses a medium to grow the plants in which is stored in a tray. Every so often, a pump goes off to fill the medium with nutrients to help the plants grow. As you can imagine, the system is just about self sufficient so the grower will not have to do much at all. The ease with which it operates is a big deal as well making a great pair with beginning or advanced growers. Hydroponics are designed for low maintenance so the grower can focus on their own life as well as those of their plants. If you’ve got your whole hydroponic system set up, then it’s time to check the lighting.

First and foremost, marijuana plants prefer fluorescent lighting to the less expensive kind because the former has a much better color spectrum. Inexpensive lighting simply does not shine with all of the colors that plants need to survive. If one uses these kinds of lights, their marijuana plants will not turn out up to par. So always purchase the highest quality fluorescent lights for your plant and they ought to turn out just fine. With good nutrients and a medium, fluorescent lighting, and a couple of plants, you will have a dank yield on your hands in no time!

After your plants have reached their desired height, it’s time to begin the flowering. If your plants are outdoor, the day and night cycle takes care of this on its own. But indoor growers will simply have to keep the plant in twelve hour cycles of dark and light. Stimulating the plant’s natural reflexes through light causes the plant to bloom. The buds are what we all smoke from the plant so this is where the important stuff starts to come out. After several weeks of flowering, your plants will be ready to harvest. While this may seem like a long and arduous process at first, it really begins to fly by the more one grows. Before you know it, you will be growing dank buds in no time at all.

Marijuana Seeds vs. Clones

marijuana clone

The debate on whether seeds or clones are better for growing is definitely a heated one. While using seeds is clearly the more natural way, cloning a plant helps the grower get past those difficult first few weeks of life for their plants. Being able to start with a semi mature plant is the real selling point with clones. In the end, if you are a competent grower, then you can make either of these options work and they will work well. It just depends on what your personal stand on this issue as a grower. Whether you choose clones or seeds only makes a couple week difference on the growing time of the plant, so the choice is entirely up to you.

cannabis seedsOf course, one can find all of this information on http://howtogrowweed420.com/ by simply purchasing the guide. There is no way to convey the helpfulness of this guide for first time growers. There are so many little things that are difficult to remember the first time that growers without this guide will not fair very well. But as long as you are armed with this guide on your first experience, your first crop will not turn out so bad. At http://howtogrowweed420.com/, you can find all kinds of advice on every aspect of growing marijuana so what is not to like? If you want a potent first yield, then this guide should be the first thing on your to buy list. It has everything you need to become an expert pot grower.

The process of growing weed indoors can either be extremely involved or require little to no maintenance at all. It all depends on which growing method you decide to use and your skill as a grower. Cannabis is a sturdy plant so it is not too unforgiving of first time growers, but this does not mean the plant can not be neglected. A poorly raised plant will produce a low quality weed that few will want to smoke. So make sure you learn from your first few harvests so you can make the next one that much better! With patience and the right materials, anyone can be a good grower of marijuana in no time.

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